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How Cremation Pre Planning Works & How To Preplan

Family's Choice Cremation, Inc makes pre-planning cremation very easy. In fact, you can do everything you need to do right now, right here on our website. You can even pay for all selected cremation services ahead of time.

Make Your Intentions Known

pre planning cremationPart of cremation pre-planning involves letting trusted relatives and friends know your final wishes. When you use the exclusive My Final Wishes Selector™, you can print off copies of your selections and provide to family members and your attorney. You are also able to submit your final wishes directly to us. It's a great idea to save your selections then login at some future date to make any necessary changes.

Whether you take advantage of our technology or not, it's imperative that you take the steps to ensure your final wishes are carried out by your survivors. Other reasons to write down the specifics are these:

  • If you do not record your wishes in a legal document, the law defaults to what your state/province defines as your next of kin to make these decisions for you.
  • If you do not leave binding written instructions, someone you haven’t chosen could make decisions that would be counter to your intentions and desires.

If you have questions about the legalities of cremation pre planning, we invite you to speak with a member of our staff for clarification.

There are a few other things to consider when you're pre-planning cremation.

Can You Prepay for a Cremation?

There numerous options available to the public today when seeking to preplan and prepay their final wishes. We can tailor a plan that's right for you. From single pay plans to automatic monthly bank withdrawals designed to meet anyone's budget concerns, our staff would be pleased to outline the choices available.

Prepaid cremation can protect you and your family from future inflationary trends. Below you will find more detailed explanations of the plans that we have available.

If you would like to request an appointment after you have reviewed this information, we would be pleased to have one of our staff go over any additional questions you might have.

Would a Witness Cremation be Appropriate?

You may like your family to have an opportunity to witness your cremation. Having one last time with you can be a very special experience but it’s not an opportunity most people realize they even have. It really can be a profound way for them to say their goodbyes and begin the grief journey in earnest.

Do You Want a Remembrance Ceremony?

cremation pre planning flowersTake time to reflect on the way you would like your family and friends to pay tribute to your unique personality, your achievements, and the life you shared. Think about particular activities or how you would like them to engage. You can choose from numerous options that include special readings, musical selections, candle-lighting, and scripture quotations.

Consider Your Memorial

pre planning cremation memorial bench

Making a decision about memorializing your life is a very personal process. The decision you make will reflect your life history, your lifestyle, your personality, and those little things that define you.

Your first decision will be the location for your memorial. Should it be inside your family's home or in your garden? Does it make more sense to pay tribute to your life with a donation to charity or through the purchase of a commemorative brick or flagstone for a local museum or park?

Pre Planning Checklist

 This checklist will help you make sure every detail is handled properly.

  • Prepare a list of people who should be contacted in case of a medical emergency or death
  • Write an obituary or write down information needed for an obituary
  • Decide where the obituary should appear
  • Choose the type of disposition you would like (cremated remains to be interred, placed in mausoleum, or given to family)
  • Choose Your Details:

o    Cemetery lot location
o    Cremation container type/Cremation urn type
o    Cremation vault
o    Type of memorial service
o    Your flowers
o    The charity, church, or organization for charitable donations

Use our online tool, PreArrange Online, in four steps. It's easy to create an account with your own login name and password to revisit and revise at any time. All information you provide will be held in strict confidence because your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

It's Time to Convey Your Wishes

While we know it’s difficult... no one wants to even think about that day, we also know that taking the preparatory steps now to prepare for your cremation services will give you a lighter heart and greater peace-of-mind.

If you are also interested in picking out an urn, check out our cremation urns page