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Local Cremation Services on Your Terms

funeral for cremation on your terms white flowerIn recent years cremation has become the preferred choice by the majority of North American families. Cremation is more affordable, environmentally conscious and flexible than traditional burials. Instead of being limited to one plot of land and one type of service, many families have opted for cremation simply because it allows them to say goodbye in a more personalized way.

Because cremation ashes can be spread, kept or repurposed, the options for memorial services, celebration of life ceremonies and ash scattering ceremonies are virtually endless. Not only are there more available possibilities for families who have had a loved one cremated, but there is also the option to preserve the memory of the deceased in multiple ways. For example, a family may decide to scatter some part of the remains in a meaningful place in addition to keeping some in an urn.

Regardless of how it is done, one thing remains true: no two families are the same. At Family’s Choice Cremation, we believe that every life is unique and as such requires a unique and personalized memorial. For this reason, we have decided to offer a unique service founded in these beliefs.

What is Basic Cremation On Your Own Terms?

Our Basic Cremation On Your Own Terms is an affordable cremation package designed to afford families the complete breadth of opportunity available to them. The basic cremation package allows families to begin the grieving and memorial planning process while we take care of the details. Available to all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, this option includes the pickup of the deceased and return of the ashes to the family with 7 business days.

The whole idea is to let families plan an inexpensive funeral , in their community on their own terms. That being said, we would also be happy to help families with the planning process or in selecting the right urn for their loved one. Regardless of what service options you add to the basic cremation package, at the very least families get to make the decision on their own terms.

We Make the Cremation Process Easy and Flexible

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Since introducing the package, we have had tremendous feedback from families who have been able to plan the perfect goodbye thanks to the flexibility of this affordable cremation service option. At Family’s Choice, we believe that this basic cremation option is an essential part of maintaining our commitment to helping Rhode Island and Massachusetts families when they need it the most.

Call us today if you are interested in keeping things simple and have no interest in spending more the necessary on a funeral. If desired, you can plan your whole funeral on the quote builder, submit it and then meet with us to discuss final details and take care of the paperwork involved. It's really that simple. With our Basic Rhode Island and Massachusetts Cremation On Your Terms policy, we keep the details to a minimum to give you time to grieve and begin the healing process, on your terms. 

We Come to You to Arrange Local Cremation Services

At Family’s Choice Cremation our goal is to make the funeral planning process for direct cremation services as easy and hassle-free as possible. Many families have opted for cremation services or direct cremation services because they seek a simple, yet dignified cremation funeral for themselves or their loved one. Our facilities include our own modern crematory which allows us to keep your loved one on our premises at all times, ensuring that our firm fully looks after all aspects of the cremation process, and keeping the cost of cremation affordable. We strive to provide families with direct cremation and cremation service options that meet their needs – no more, no less. 

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Custom Cremation Services

At Family's Choice Cremation, Inc, we offer local cremation services and creation rates that are fair, without any added pressure. One of the many reasons that Warren families come to us in their time of need is because we provide only the highest standards of service. These standards include transparency in business practices and service pricing. In order to be transparent, we provide you with as much information about cremation rates as we can.

View Our Cremation Prices

We have the best local cremation services and cremation rates!

Family's Choice Cremation, Inc understands that offering low-cost local cremation services is important to the community. Our caring professionals will respectfully work with you to plan local cremation services that fulfill your wishes and honor your life or the life of your loved one.

We truly believe that you shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get the very best local cremation services. So the bottom line is that we offer a wide variety of local cremation services in Rhode Island that will meet your family's specific needs and treat the deceased in the most dignified manner, at a price you can afford.

We appreciate you taking the time to read through this page and learn more about why choosing local cremation services from Family's Choice Cremation, Inc is the best choice. If you have any questions for us we welcome you to give us a call at 401-337-5900. We can also help you with  immediate need and pre-need arrangements for yourself or a loved one.

Family's Choice Cremation, Inc understands that having all the information that you need is important - so we encourage you to learn more about our affordable cremation costs in Rhode Island. In addition, if you are not familiar with cremation then we have a reference page for you to read about the cremation process.

You also have the ability to arrange everything online in the privacy of your own home with My Final Wishes Selector™ or you can turn to us for guidance.

Arrange with Us in Warren or At Your Home

We are proud to offer families the option of arranging local cremation services in our Warren, RI office, or in the comfort of their Rhode Island or southeastern Massachusetts home. Should you wish to make your direct cremation or funeral for cremation arrangements at your home, one of our caring and knowledgeable staff will meet with you to present and explain the cremation services options available and discuss cremation prices and costs with you.  

Should you wish to explore your cremation options before contacting our team for a pre-arrangement or funeral planning meeting we have provided an online arrangement tool that allows you to view our direct cremation, or basic cremation, and funeral service offerings. Because we believe in transparency with our cremation prices, our cremation costs are also clearly outlined.  

If you are ready to book your cremation pre-planning or at-need arrangement appointment, or if you have any questions about the cremation services that we at Family’s Choice Cremation offer, we invite you to contact us at 401-337-5900. Our doors and lines of communication are always open.