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About Family's Choice Cremation

Don't want to be limited to a series of packages; you want what you want without feeling any pressure to purchase more. You have the right to choice; we respect and honor that right.

Family's Choice Cremation, Inc is part of the Simpler Times network of reputable, independent funeral professionals across North America who are listening and responding to the evolving wishes of consumers. We offer more practical and less complicated customizable cremation and memorialization options to meet your final wishes or those of your loved one. 

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Local Cremation Options You Want - No More, No Less.

We can help with all immediate need and pre-need arrangements for yourself or a loved one. You can arrange everything online in the privacy of your own home with My Final Wishes Selector™ or you can turn to us for guidance. We also assist those in need of bereavement resources. More importantly, through this network, your arrangements are fully transferable to another Simpler Times provider should circumstances in your life require the need to relocate. One call to us is all it takes.

Our website has everything you need to make your arrangement decisions with confidence. Whether you would prefer a traditional or non-traditional service or require more information about cremation options, our site outlines your choices and offers any guidance you may want. However, if you would prefer more support in making your arrangements, call us at 401-337-5900, day or night, to speak with a member of our funeral home staff.

The Family's Choice Cremation Difference
Part of what makes Family's Choice Cremation, Inc unique is how we treat each and every family that comes through our doors.
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We invite you to contact us for any assistance you may require. Whether it’s by phone, email, or in person, we’re here for you 24/7.
Pet Loss
How do you define ‘family’? For many of us, the vision of “family” simply must include our pets. And most of us are committed to caring for these companions as well as we care for the human members of our family.