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Grief & Healing | Family's Choice Memorial | Warren, RI

Losing a loved one is difficult. Even when we think we're adequately prepared or even when there is great physical or emotional distance, coping with the death of a loved one can take longer than expected. Your grief is very real.

We invite you to read through our exclusive online library of grief support articles, written by a certified grief counselor and intended to help you through this challenging time.

Should you need additional bereavement support, or if you are looking for information on pre-planning, cremation, or burial services. please visit our online resources or call us at 401-337-5900.



Understanding Grief
Involving a complex set of emotional and physical reactions to loss, the experience of grief is unique for each of us. If you or someone you love is trying to cope with loss, here’s what you should know.
Living with Grief
The loss of a loved one wounds us deeply. Whether you are helping yourself or a friend or child heal, this section will be helpful for you.