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Our Packages and Service Offerings

When you lose a loved one there are many emotions that you go through, and many things weigh heavy on your mind. At Family's Choice Cremation, Inc we understand that at a time of loss your family should be focusing on healing, but at the same time, we know that financial constraints can cause a lot of unneeded stress.

Providing Affordable Cremation Services is Our Goal

Family's Choice Cremation, Inc is a reputable, independent funeral home that truly listens to your wishes and the wishes of your family. We offer more practical and less complicated customizable cremation and memorialization options that meet your final wishes or the final wishes of your loved one. We want to make sure that we have affordable cremation options for all families that want to say goodbye to their loved one with us, so we have put together the following information on affordable burial and cremation packages in Warren for you to read.

If you are looking for cremation services in Warren, RI we suggest you take a look at our cremation options page. It will educate you on all of the different options and allow you to see the price of each so that you will know exactly how much you’ll be spending - without any surprises.

Below, we have provided sections for more information abour cremations options, online memorials, a price list and an online quote builder. 


We have provided a listing of our cremation packages and prices. You may choose only the items you desire.

Starting at $1625, our basic cremation options include funeral director & staff, cremation, basic urn, transportation, removal of remains and more. Starting at $2275, our burial services include basic services of funeral director & staff, transportation, removal of remains and more.