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Cremation Vaults

cremation vaults cemetery photoCremation vaults are designed to protect an urn when it is interred. Generally, cremation vaults are made using concrete and may feature plastic linings, decorative elements, tongue and groove seals, and metal reinforcements. At Family’s Choice Cremation we believe that offering quality services requires us to provide those we serve with an extensive amount of cremation service and cremation product options. It is a priority of ours to make it easy for families to plan the dignified goodbye that they want. Whether you are looking for direct cremation, cremation with a personalized memorial service or another one of our affordable cremation services options, we aim to offer a large variety of products to help meet whatever needs you and your family may have. In addition, we offer a cremation quote builder that can help you plan the service you want, while sticking to your budget.   

Our cremation vault options include different materials, finishes, linings and styles. With over five different types of cremation vaults to choose from, we hope that every family we serve can find the perfect fit for their loved one. Below you will find a list of our currently available cremation vault options with detailed information about each type of product. If you have any questions about our cremation vaults or require further information that can’t be found on our website, we invite you to contact us whenever you may need. Our goal at Family’s Choice Cremation is to be there for the community at all times.