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Arrange Cremation Services Online

People turn to us every day to assist them in planning end-of-life care. It could be that your loved one has recently died and the need is immediate. Other times, you may turn to us because you wish to talk to us about pre-planning your cremation arrangements. You can also arrange online for immediate need or arrange online for prearrangement wishes. Whatever your needs, always know we are here to help.

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Our online pre-arrangement tool is available to help you make selections for your cremation service. When you use the online arrangement tool, you can select from a variety of different packages or complete a build your own package for a completely customized service. The online pre-arrangement tool is excellent for comparing all of the products and services we have available for your service.

When using the online pre-arrangement tool, you will be able select each of the services and products you would like to have included. You will see a quote in real time as you add or subtract items for the service. This allows you to customize the quote for your service to make sure it meets your budget and selects everything necessary to honor your loved one.

Once you have completed the online arrangement tool and received a quote. We encourage you to call us at 401-337-5900 to set up an appointment to finalize the arrangement. We understand that pre-planning can be an emotional time for you. If you live in Rhode Island or the south east region of Massachusetts, we can arrange for an in home visit to finalize your arrangement. We also encourage you to come and visit us at our location in Warren, Rhode Island. Our staff is happy to help you finalize arrangements and show you around our facilities.

This section of our website addresses many areas of end-of-life care in order for you to make informed decisions. However, if you need more in-depth information on either pre-need or immediate need planning, and wish to speak to someone directly, we invite you to contact us.

Immediate Need
This section of our website is helpful for families who have recently lost a loved one and are looking for information on what steps to take.
My Final Wishes Selector
Customize your arrangements online. Select only those options that work for you and your budget. You can make an informed decision from the comfort of your own home.